Antique furniture

Updating furniture

We determine the value of furniture

Before restoring old furniture that looks like antiques, it is necessary to study it thoroughly to understand whether it is as valuable as it seems. Or maybe even more valuable than you think, and your amateur intervention can greatly reduce its cost.

Look for stamps or tags clarifying the origin of the furniture. Not only old furniture is valuable, but also simply belonging to the hand of a famous master.

Consultation with people professionally engaged in restoration will help determine the age and value of furniture. It is difficult for a beginner to independently determine the antiquity. But there are so many signs by which you can recognize antiques. Look at the very bottom of the furniture: antiques often have internal corners beveled. Unscrew one of the screws and examine its notch. The different distance between the coils indicates the venerable age of the furniture. These simple signs can only help you to assume a high value of furniture, but it is better to entrust a more detailed assessment to a professional. A really rare antique thing should not be restored with your own hands, it is better to insure it.

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