Tile for kitchen apron

When choosing a tile for a kitchen apron, first of all you should decide on the color. It must match the color of the work surface. However, the darker the color, the more susceptible it is to contamination, it is not recommended to use glossy tiles, as it requires special care and also, you will need to apply high-strength glue and epoxy grout.

On the market, specialized tiles for the kitchen are sold in the size of one hundred by one hundred millimeters, and also have additional borders, decors and other eye-pleasing trifles in their accompaniment. All this together will help to give the glued tile a holistic picture and allows you to show your imagination as much as possible. You can also buy smaller tiles, but in this case it is possible that some of them will have to be trimmed, as well as look for additional decorative elements to complete your work.

Also, recently, the use of a large plate with a height of six hundred millimeters has become widespread. It has a large thickness and therefore requires a thoughtful approach to the choice of glue.

It is glued either horizontally in two rows, or vertically “in full growth”. Such a tile looks especially impressive if it is decorated with marble and at the same time combined in its color scheme with the work surface.

When buying tiles, be sure to check the following points:

-Full compliance of tiles in size and color.

-Check for chips and tile fight, for this I recommend opening and checking all the boxes.

-Observe the rules of tile transportation, it should be transported by placing it on its side, tightly to each other. This will allow you not to break it.

Next, you should choose a suitable tile adhesive and grout. Pay attention to the thickness of the purchased tile, the glue must withstand its weight, and must be thermo- and moisture–resistant. Saving in this case is not appropriate, since loads, vibration, humidity and temperature changes can negate all the benefits of saving. Get a grout of high quality, suitable color and necessarily based on epoxy resin and containing antifungal components.

And finally, after gluing the tiles, be sure to wait for the glue to dry completely before starting the operation of the kitchen, in order to avoid deformation of the apron and the need for additional work.

Tile for kitchen apron
Tile for kitchen apron