Classic style in the interior of a Russian mansion

What kind of interior styles do not come up with design agencies to attract customers. These are techno, modern, Egyptian and Japanese motifs. But the Russian man since the appearance of mansions and rich estates in Russia, still remains closer to the classic style of the interior.

The Russian person is less susceptible to fashion than others and, perhaps, therefore prefers conservative, traditional, decor details that are not too obvious to the eye. Although we will leave the Russian person for a second and talk directly about the classic style of the interior.
In the classic design, everything is harmonious – clear lines of standard geometric shapes – this is the main characteristic of the classic interior style. In this design, it is especially very cozy. Often in rooms with a classical orientation, you will be able to notice a lot of mirrors, which gives visual magnification and creates a certain shade of piquancy.

Gilded chandeliers and elegant curtains are all elements of the classical style. Sometimes chandeliers can take the form of light bulbs resembling candles, however, in fairness, it is worth noting that it is quite often necessary to change such “beauty” due to its short life span.
In the interior of a classic room, you will always find carpets, cozy tea tables, low sofas and fireplaces – in general, a very attractive design, if you forget about cleaning it. In service, classic interiors require a lot of attention.
Furniture in a real classic interior should be made of natural wood. Cherry, Karelian birch, walnut are especially popular. Sometimes furniture is made composite with inserts from different valuable tree species.

But if you go down to the ground, then you can see fewer and fewer mansions made in a real classical style. Some wealthy owners abundantly use bronze, gilding. Rooms with ordinary columns and minimal interior decoration can often be presented as a real classic style and try to argue with the owner of such a castle, who is more than confident in his own rightness and does not want to see any other points of view.
So it turns out that the sense in the art of apartment decoration, whatever one may say, belongs entirely to design agencies that do not stand still and exchange experience with Russian and foreign colleagues, use specialized literature and try to do their job stylishly and modernly.