How to protect your home from intruders

What do average citizens understand by the concept of “security means”? For some, it’s high stone fences and an angry dog, someone is thinking about alarms and presence sensors. But, in fact, home security is a combination of many factors.

Today, a huge number of different security companies and organizations have appeared on the market that offer a huge range of security services and alarm systems. It would be ideal to install surveillance cameras and motion sensors in the house and around the perimeter of the entire site. Also, the same companies recommend installing modern presence sensors.

You need to think about the safety of your home even before buying a plot for construction. The plot is worth buying in the city limits or in country towns, where there is often its own security. Performance of waterproofing, drainage works. During construction, it is also necessary to warn yourself against theft of building materials. It is necessary to install temporary structures for storing building materials and tools. If this is not possible, it would be reasonable not to store materials on the territory, but to take the tool with you. It is also worth paying special attention to the company that will perform construction and installation work. A company with a license and work experience is ideal, but if you want to save money, many turn to private teams of workers. Often such workers carefully and honestly perform their work. But there are exceptions when the team takes out all the materials and tools “clean” and disappears with a round amount of advance in an unknown direction. In order to avoid such a situation, you need to ask the team itself what kind of tool they have, what kind of work experience, at what facilities they worked. Ideally, contact their previous employer and get recommendations.

When developing the project itself, you also need to take into account the shape of the house. The rectangular shape of the house is the safest. Polygonal, with all kinds of protrusions, bay windows often gives the thief an advantage, because he will always be able to hide from unwanted eyes. Many naively believe that high stone fences protect from the prying eyes of thieves, but it is worth emphasizing that they also protect from the prying eyes of neighbors. Therefore, you should not separate yourself with a stone fence around the perimeter of your plot, it would be wiser for neighbors to put a fence lower and latticed so that there is an opportunity to mutually monitor each other’s safety. And when leaving home for a business trip or vacation, leave the keys to the neighbors so that they create the appearance of the presence of life in an empty house. It is also not worth saving on a safe for jewelry, money and securities. What place in the house do thieves pay attention to in the first place?! Naturally, on the front door and windows. Therefore, there is no need to save on this. The entrance door should be reliable, with a high-quality lock, and preferably not one. Windows are also often hacked, less often beaten. Many companies offer to apply special protective films to windows. After pasting the window with such a material, the glass becomes unbreakable. With a strong hammer blow, the glass may crack, but no longer crumble.

The right protection system plus the constant presence of someone in the house forces the unwanted guest to “retreat” and protect you from unpleasant surprises.