Pop art style interior

Bright and bold pop art style is for energetic people. This style was born in the middle of the 20th century and gave the world such an extraordinary artist as Andy Warhol. Today it is one of the most modern ways of interior decoration, a favorite of bohemians and owners of trendy cafes.

To create such an interior of an apartment or room, you will need the following components and materials:

■ Interior paint in bright contrasting colors
■ Ceiling paint
■ Paint for walls and ceiling
■ Brushes/rollers

In your home, it is best suited for creating an original living room, especially if you like to surprise friends. A common technique of wall decoration in this style is painting in contrasting colors or pasting bright wallpaper.


Furniture, color, its shapes and decorative features are of the main importance for the interior of the living room, but also the choice of color solution depends on the preferences of family members. If the furniture has clearly defined plastic shapes or color solutions, you should very accurately choose the color of the walls, floor, carpets, curtains. When solving the interior in such rooms, the largest part of the errors falls on the curtain. If the living room is used more as a recreation room, then cold tones are suitable for its design: bluish-green, light green, blue. When combining the living room and dining room, you can divide them into zones with the help of color: a place to relax in cool colors, and a dining area in bright ones. A massive chandelier on the ceiling will not only provide general lighting, but also create a festive mood, and spotlights, wall sconces or floor lamps will give warmth and comfort in different parts of the living room.

Pop art style interior
Pop art style interior

One wall, on which the eye will rest, can be left neutral, while others can be painted in as unexpected, “flashy” colors as possible. The contrast effect can be enhanced if the walls also differ in texture: for example, we cover one with decorative plaster, another with wallpaper, a third with paint, a fourth with wood. And certainly one of them should be taken for an exhibition of shocking works of art.

  1. Paint the walls in a bright color (for example, purple).
  2. Add a dark carpet.
  3. Choose furniture in bright contrasting colors, such as green, orange, pink, yellow.